Hometown Highlight: Volunteer Center of Lubbock

The Volunteer Center of Lubbock is as unique as the partnerships it fosters. While every nonprofit has its own niche and group of people it serves, what makes the Volunteer Center of Lubbock unique is that its benefits span across a variety of people and needs. They connect volunteers with the volunteer opportunities that speak to them. They believe the more engaged the community is, the more the community will grow and flourish.

The Volunteer Center of Lubbock, located on 23rd Street, was established roughly 25 years ago in 1990. Though its mission to connect volunteers with community needs hasn’t changed, its partnerships have since grown to more than 100 Agency Partners. They offer a variety of programs, including opportunities for individuals and families to serve, leadership development and opportunities for businesses to collaborate and help to transform the community. According to their website, the center is committed to developing high-performing teams in all areas of the Lubbock community. The Volunteer Center of Lubbock is affiliated with a variety of organizations that help provide wide access to information and resources. These organizations include: the Lubbock Area United Way, Texas Association of Volunteer Centers, Nonprofit Management Association of Texas, Board Source and Hands On Network. As a testament to its influence and efforts in the community, the Volunteer Center of Lubbock provided services to more than 35,000 people in the South Plains in 2014.

While most people have considered the idea of donating their time and talents, oftentimes, they aren’t sure exactly how to go about lending a hand. The Volunteer Center of Lubbock works to eliminate that constraint by providing the tools and information to help you “serve, build and/or collaborate” and provides guidance along the way. Whether you are an individual looking for an opportunity to serve or if you are an organization looking to further impact the community, the Volunteer Center of Lubbock has a special program for you.

No matter your passion, sharing it with others can benefit people in a special way. Whether you want to volunteer individually, or lead a team of volunteers, there are opportunities for everyone at every level. To learn how you can serve the community, call the Volunteer Center of Lubbock at 806.747.0551 or visit their website by clicking here.