Trey Saldana

Trey Saldana Lubbock Market President

Meet Trey Saldana (NMLS: 618313). Saldana is originally from Lubbock, Texas and has over 17 years of banking experience and specializes in commercial lending and real estate. Saldana joined the FCB team in 2021 as the bank’s Lubbock Market President.

“In the past, I worked for a very large national bank that certainly felt big! At FCB, I genuinely like how we live by the motto, ‘We Are Family.’ It has been great to feel and see this in action since joining the team,” Saldana said.

Additionally, Saldana enjoys working with his team and helping customers.

“The most rewarding part of my job is finding ways to improve with my team and helping customers every day! If I can learn something that will make me a better leader or help at least one team member help their customer, I feel like I did my part!” 

When Saldana is not working, he enjoys doing anything in the outdoors! He particularly enjoys supporting the Red Raiders, hunting, fishing, and participating in sports with his two boys.

More interesting facts about Trey Saldana:

What is a fun or interesting fact about your hometown? During the summer of 1951, a group of engineering professors enjoying a summer’s night of beer witnessed a V-shaped formation of greenish-blue lights soaring above them. These UFOs became known as the “Lubbock Lights,” which became the fascination and sensation obsession of local and national newspapers and magazines as well as the government. The government sent the U.S. Air Force to execute a formal investigation even. Despite the hype, collaboration, and effort, no one ever figured out what they were but never doubted what they saw.

What are three words that best describe you? I’m an extrovert so I enjoy getting to know more about people even If I don’t know them. I would also describe myself as a leader and being of a “bigger” picture with spearheading initiatives which motivates me. Lastly, I would say I’m an achiever and feel the need to accomplish something tangible daily, even on vacation!

Tell us a fun/unique fact about yourself? I am a huge Batman fan/nerd. I watch the current movies over and over. I’m also the first to watch a new movie in theaters. My kids and I often engage in banter about how Batman can beat Spiderman, Superman, etc.!

What animal do you think closely matches your personality? I have no idea how to answer this, so I took an online quiz. I was hoping to avoid something like a snapping turtle, sloth, or butterfly. Here is what it said about me: “The wolf is a pack animal that knows how to work with a team to get things done. You’re likely a natural leader with a strong protective streak, making sure you friends, family, and any stranger you see is safe. The wolf is also a pathfinder that instinctively knows the right direction. If you have the wolf in your life, you can trust your intuition to show you the way. Wolves also help balance nature, and you may feel called to do work protecting the environment.”

What is your family like? There is never an ordinary day in our house. Our children have the craziest personalities around. I am sure they get that from their mother (kidding). We have a lot of fun telling jokes and we are constantly playing pranks on each other! Everyone is generally upbeat and looking for ways to get a laugh.  

If you could eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Steak (must be medium rare), baked potatoes, fried okra, and green beans!  

What is your favorite T.V. show? Right now, I’ am pretty hooked on “Yellow Stone.”

If you could live in any city, where would it be and why? Honestly, right here in Lubbock! I have had the privilege of living in other places such as Midland, San Antonio, Denver, and the Midwest. I am glad that my family and I got to experience different cultures, mindsets, and weather but this is where my family and I belong.

What inspires you? My family and my children. I want my kids to be better men than me and the world a better place because they’re in it. I try to lead them every day in a direction that will hopefully accomplish that.  

What is your favorite all-time quote? “You’re either coaching it or allowing it to happen.” – Mike Leach  

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