Time: A Banker’s Secret to Making the Most of Your Daily 86,400 Seconds

Time - isn’t that always something we are asking for more of? 86,400: that is how many seconds we are given in a day to get as much accomplished as we can. As all of our schedules get busier and busier every year, I am constantly hearing people say, “If I only had more time.” In what part of your life are you wishing you had more time?

Here are a few scenarios that I often see from my business clients:

Company A has their business operation located 30 miles from the closest branch and needs to make deposits daily, but the time is takes to drive to and from a branch takes way too much time out of their work day. Instead, they tend to hold check deposits for weeks until they can find time to run to the bank.

Company B has a great business and continues to grow substantially every year, however, they only have one person in the office most of the day while everyone else is out in the field. Although they are close to a branch, the only way that they are able to make a deposit during the day is to totally shut down the office while they run to the bank.

Company C has an office in Austin where all of their receivables are sent for their real estate management company. They have been spending $60 to $100 a week in FedEx fees while simultaneously losing time that the money could be earning interest in the local bank.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to some of the time restraints your business is facing?

In the financial arena and specifically in Cash & Treasury Management, we are always looking for ways to save commercial clients time and money. One specific service that is crucial in saving time is Remote Deposit Capture. Remote Deposit Capture is a service where you can make your check deposits and never have to leave your office. It's as simple as scanning your checks. All you need is a desktop scanner and your deposit is electronically submitted securely through your online banking access. How cool is that???

How are you going to make the most of the 86,400 seconds that you are given today? Are you brainstorming in your own business operations how to more efficiently reorganize the time you spend to financially improve your business?