It’s Time to Get Social: Why Your Brand Should Be on Social Media

The Texas Bankers Association recently asked me to speak at their annual Marketing Management Conference in regards to social media. I was immediately both honored and overwhelmed as I thought about the scope of the subject. What about social media? When I think about social media as a brand manager, I boiled it down to 4 main points (even though I could go on and on and on). Guess what? These 4 points will be the topics of my next 4 blogs:

  1. Why your brand should be on social media
  2. Social media policy & guidelines
  3. Brand voice & consistency
  4. Brand ambassadors

So, let’s jump in!

Social Media, Join the Conversation – Part 1: Why your brand should be on social media

On August 24, 2015, 1 Billion people used Facebook. (See proof here.) ONE. BILLION. PEOPLE. That is 1 in every 7 people on planet earth! If I had to sum up the answer to why social media? The short answer is because it’s where your customers and future customers are!

According to a 2014 study conducted by the Pew Research Center, 81% of U.S. adults are online and 74% of those adults use social networking sites. Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or a combination of these. As Millennials continue to age and Gen Z begins to take the stage, those percentages will continue to grow as well as time spent on social media sites.

Millennials and younger generations are literally growing up with a smartphone in hand and being glued to the screen seems to be just as important as taking their next breath (I can say that…I am a Millennial)! Isn’t it every marketer's dream to have such a captive audience? Not to mention the targeting metrics allowed in the digital world and the thorough analytics! The ability to target just who you want and then see how your message performed or even tweak it in real-time is a reality with social and digital marketing tactics.

Also, haven’t you heard the phrase “whether you’re on social media or not…you’re on social media”? Customers, future customers, community members are talking about you (good or bad). You owe it to yourself to join that conversation (especially the bad ones – turn a crisis into an opportunity). I know I talk a lot about Millennials, the largest generation to date, but with their second-nature approach to social media, they are growing more and more likely to want to reach out to you in this manner. And maybe someday even transact with you in this manner. Retailers are doing it and we bankers are bracing for this to become the norm. Don’t fight it – join in. Join the social media conversation!