So, what’s with all the questions?

Buying A Car: Questions You Will Encounter

I recently purchased a vehicle. When I first ventured onto the car lot, I was promptly greeted by a salesman.  I’ll be honest. My inner response to his eager approach was an emphatic “UGH!”  I forced a smile and decided to embrace his enthusiasm to “sell me a car today!”  Being a banker and having spent years in the financial world, I knew what I was willing to pay.  I knew what interest rate was acceptable to me.  I knew I wasn’t going to forego “incentives” for a “rate deal” that was going to cost me more in the long run.  I had done my homework on the financial aspects associated with my purchase!  What I didn’t know was what kind of car I wanted.  I truly didn’t know!

The overzealous salesman began to ask me questions… lots and lots of questions! Did I have a price range in mind?  How many passengers do I typically carry?  How important was gas mileage?  What features were non-negotiable to me?  How far do I typically travel daily?  What size vehicle was I most comfortable in?  DVD? Sunroof? Heated steering wheel?  The questions went on and on…

Why Bankers Ask You Questions

So why is it so critical that we engage you, our bank customer, in the same manner? So that we can be an effective partner for you on your financial journey; to match your needs to the products and services that offer a solution to those needs, both today and in the future.  When visiting our branches and our banking team, expect to be asked meaningful financial questions.  And be thankful when asked because it shows that we truly are invested in our relationship with you and we care!  We have a responsibility to provide you sound, financial advice and have the knowledge and expertise to do so.

As a consumer, and just because we’re human, we always seem to have looming financial questions and, often times, concerns. It’s critical that your banker understand what financial concerns are top of mind for you.  What keeps you awake at night?  What are your immediate and long term financial goals?  What major expenses are on the horizon in the next 6-12 months?  What do you have in place to manage unexpected expenses?  How comfortable are you with the amount of payments you’re making?  What’s preventing you from meeting your savings goals?  Who helps you manage your credit?  What about retirement?  College?  How often do you like to be contacted?  What are your expectations of me, as your banker?

According to a survey conducted by Maritz (a sales and marketing services company that designs and operates employee recognition and reward programs), 84% of bank customers reported that they wanted some kind of communication from their banker that they are not getting today. Of those surveyed, they all said they wanted communication that matters and is relevant!  While some of those interactions confirmed transactional issues were resolved, an astounding 86% said they wanted questions answered, to be checked in on for additional needs and to share new product information that may be useful to them.  Our customers want us to know them and know what they need.

To effectively provide the services and the amount of communication you find helpful, we have to know you; what you want and need.  We have to help anticipate changes in financial needs and priorities.  By making the relationship with your banker a priority, offering a level of transparency and full disclosure, we can come alongside you with the expertise and advice to weather life’s inevitable seasons of change.  A level of trust is established along the way and your banker becomes your source of information, your guide, and your partner.  We’re in this together!

So, what’s with all the questions? At the center of it all is our commitment to you and to your success.  A deep understanding of your financial challenges and goals affords us the opportunity to provide value. No matter who you bank with, your relationship with your banker should be unique and different than any other because your needs and desires are different. At FirstCapital Bank, we’re not a bank offering cookie-cutter convenience.  You can get that anywhere.  What we offer is a real relationship centered around you and a level of expertise you won’t find everywhere.

Don’t be leery of the “interrogation”! The answers to your questions allow us to provide the value you deserve.