What to Look for in a Trustee

What to look for in a trustee.

Perhaps the single most important factor in the ultimate success of a trust-based wealth management plan is the choice of trustee for its supervision. A trustee’s responsibilities are wide ranging. By law and subject to specific terms of the trust document, the trustee may have remarkable power over the fate of the family fortune. Trust creators need to have confidence such power will be exercised wisely.

Why choose FirstCapital Bank of Texas as your corporate trustee?

  • We treat estate and trust administration as a full-time job.
  • We have the facilities, systems and trained professionals for asset management including oil and gas mineral interests.
  • Trust funds in FirstCapital Bank’s care are doubly protected, both by internal audits and regulatory oversight by federal officials.
  • We have an “unlimited life,” while an individual trustee may die, become incompetent or just simply disappear.
  • We bring in-depth experience and group judgment to the job of investment management.
  • We treat beneficiaries impartially.
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