Estate Settlement

Simplify the financial impact of your death on your heirs.

A valid will is integral to your estate planning and vital to ensuring your final financial wishes are carried out. Unfortunately, many individuals leave an unrecognized weak point in their wills: Designating a spouse, relative or business as the executor of their estate.

In reality, estate settlement involves a demanding, complex set of tasks—and the results, for better or worse, depend upon the experience, skills and judgment of those you designate to handle the job. Naming an inexperienced executor is not only shortsighted, but also potentially costly. The characteristics of an ideal executor or personal representative include:

  • Financially responsible.
  • Unquestioned integrity and freedom from personal bias.
  • Patient and sympathetic.
  • Experienced in caring for all types of assets and holdings.
  • Informed investment judgment.
  • Familiarity with special tax questions that arise when an estate is settled.
  • Staying power. (What if your executor dies before you do or before completing the settlement of your estate?)


At FirstCapital Bank of Texas, we provide specialized skills in all phases of estate administration. As your executor, we’re sure to be on hand when needed with in-depth experience and sound guidance. We are objective, neutral professionals in the exercise of our fiduciary duties. Yet, our fees for estate settlement are no greater than inexperienced individuals might be entitled to receive.

Why leave your will in well-meaning (yet potentially incapable) hands?

Reach out to a trust officer from FirstCapital Bank of Texas or simply contact us.