Notary Public in Texas

Notary Public in Texas

Get Your Documents Notarized

When you need a document notarized, turn to the notary public services at FirstCapital Bank of Texas. Most documents can be notarized in 30 minutes or less by our on-staff notaries—all of whom are certified by the Texas Secretary of State.

Our Locations with Notary Services

All FirstCapital Bank of Texas branches offer notary services.

This service is free and available exclusively for customers. Just walk into a branch, or for more personalized service, contact us to schedule an appointment so we’re prepared for your visit.


What is a notary public?

A notary public is a state-licensed official who acts as an impartial witness to the signing of important documents.

Why do documents need to be notarized?

A notarized document prevents fraud, protects rights, and ensures proper execution. This is because the notary is required to verify a signer’s identity while also reviewing and explaining the documents to ensure the individual understands the documents and is willing to sign.

What types of documents require notarization?

Many types of financial paperwork require notarized signatures—and it’s why we have so many notaries on staff—but it’s not the only kind. Other legal documents like insurance and healthcare forms, real estate transactions, and business applications may also need to be notarized.

Documents that generally require a notary public include:

  • Mortgage documents
  • Building permits
  • Passport applications
  • Affidavits
  • Commercial leases


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