Meet Madison Parker

Madison Parker FirstCapital Bank of Texas

Meet Madison Parker. Parker is originally from Burkburnett, Texas and is a Universal Banker at our Wichita Falls Cattleman’s branch location.

Parker has been in banking since 2015 and started as a Teller and then worked in mortgage for a few years before becoming a Universal Banker with FCB.

“The most rewarding aspect of my job is the relationships I get to build with my customers.”

When she is not working, Parker enjoys being outside with her husband and her daughter, whether that is cooking on the grill or spending quality time together.

More interesting facts about Madison Parker:  

What are three words that best describe you? Driven, compassionate and funny.  

What is your family like? My family is the absolute best. They’re funny, loud, and so supportive in all aspects of my life and my sibling’s lives.

Do you have any pets? If so, what kind(s)/names(s)? I have three dogs and two cats. Kitty is a Doberman, Dale is a Standard Poodle, Tater is a Poodle and Gravy, and Billy are our cats.

If you could visit anywhere in the world you’ve never been, where would you go? Israel.

If you could pick one superpower what would it be? Healing powers.

If you could meet anyone in history, who would it be? Amelia Earhart

What inspires you? My family inspires me. My husband is always thinking ahead and taking care of everyone. My daughter is so driven when it comes to her barrel competitions, she puts so much work in. They make me want to strive to do better, be better every day.

What is your favorite all-time quote? “Never let anyone steal your joy.”