Hometown Highlight: Marble Falls Girl Scouts

Although you may know them for their Thin Mints and Caramel deLites, the Marble Falls Girl Scouts have much more to offer their community than just satisfying a sweet tooth. In partnership with the nationwide Girl Scouts nonprofit organization, the Marble Falls Girl Scouts Troop is on a mission to “build girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place.”

For FCB’s Marble Falls Branch Teller, Stephanie McNamara, the Girl Scouts have held a special place in her heart for many years; flourishing into a unique bond between Stephanie and her mother and Stephanie’s daughter.

“I was in third grade when I joined the Girl Scouts,” Stephanie said. “My mom was my troop leader and I was an active Girl Scout until about freshman year of high school, so when my daughter started kindergarten, I wanted her to share in the same Girl Scouts experience that I had.”

Now, five years later, Stephanie is still involved as the leader for Marble Falls Girl Scouts Troop 1046, with her mother as a co-leader.

“My mom was my troop leader and now we both get to be leaders together for my daughter’s troop – we even have the same troop number – 1046 – that I had when I was a Girl Scout, which is pretty special,” Stephanie said.

For Stephanie, the Girl Scouts are more than providing a generational bond for her family though, it’s also about giving back.

“As a parent, I believe one way can give back to our community is through how we raise our children,” Stephanie said. “The Marble Falls Girl Scouts help teach our members to be responsible citizens and teach them about the importance of giving back to their communities in addition to encouraging the girls to become independent females with the courage, confidence and character to take charge.”

For the Marble Falls troop, they give back through helping with local community events such as the annual Marble Falls Walkway of Lights, community park cleanups with the Marble Falls Parks and Recreation Department and collecting food donations for the Marble Falls Helping Center’s food bank.

“In addition, members are able to earn badges in different areas that help teach the girls about a variety of subjects – health and fitness, nature preparedness and more. It really helps build their self-esteem and provides them with a second family,” Stephanie said.

The Marble Falls Girl Scouts meet once a month and are always welcoming new members and volunteers. To learn more about the Marble Falls Girl Scouts or to learn about volunteer opportunities, visit the Girl Scouts of Central Texas’ website by clicking here.