Loan Originator NMLS IDs

Loan Originator NMLS IDs

What is an NMLS identification number?

NMLS stands for Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System, and the NMLS identification number (ID) is the unique identifier assigned to registered Mortgage Loan Officers. The NMLS number that a mortgage loan officer receives upon registration is the one they keep throughout their career.

Why do mortgage loan officers need to have one of these numbers?

The Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008 (S.A.F.E. Act) requires that residential mortgage loan originators register with the NMLS, which is a database created by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors and the American Association of Residential Mortgage Regulators.

What does this number mean?

Prior to 2008, there was no consistent method of registration for mortgage lenders, and there was much variance between states and types of lenders. This made it difficult for consumers to feel confident that they were working with a registered and reputable individual. Now, because there is a process lenders must undergo to become registered, consumers can feel confident that the individual they’re working with has met the requirements associated with their state and lender type.

In addition, consumers have access to the NMLS Consumer Access website: Therefore, you can look a lender up in the system using the NMLS ID. When you do, some of the information you will see includes:

Home Improvement, Interim Construction, Home Equity & Bridge Loan OriginatorsMarket
Garry Grier, NMLS ID# 469287Dallas
Taylor Chandler, NMLS# 491001Dallas
Allen Jackson, NMLS ID# 499600Dallas
Bryson C Fowlkes, NMLS ID#2089823Dallas
Melissa Louann Parham, NMLS ID#2298873Dallas
James Gregory Burgess, NMLS ID# 484930Amarillo
Kerry Mark Hodges, NMLS ID# 793707Amarillo
Reaghan Stevens, NMLS ID# 1308922Amarillo
Meredith Stover, NMLS ID# 1381046Amarillo
Jacob Ortega, NMLS ID# 1822687Amarillo
Matthew C Smiley, NMLS ID# 2089813Amarillo
Crystal Renee Carranza, NMLS ID# 2153860Amarillo
Devin J Savage, NMLS ID# 2213051Amarillo
Francisco Barajas Jr., NMLS ID# 2340135Amarillo
Joe Becerra, NMLS ID# 2467734Amarillo
Becky Melton, NMLS ID# 1764960Fredericksburg
Marcus Vidrine, NMLS ID# 649517Fredericksburg
Cody Soren Petty, NMLS ID# 873816Horseshoe Bay
Scott Alan Streit, NMLS ID# 1075979Horseshoe Bay
Chandra Barret, NMLS ID# 2458872Horseshoe Bay
Terry Ortiz, NMLS ID# 1668926Marble Falls
Stacey Glenn Bass, NMLS ID# 1589791Marble Falls
George Schafer Johnson, NMLS ID# 2233935Marble Falls
Maricela Duran, NMLS ID# 264267Lubbock
Justin Barrett Power, NMLS ID# 685310Lubbock
Lauren King, NMLS ID# 1696041Lubbock
Cathy Terrell, NMLS ID# 1901886Lubbock
Jennifer Jobe, NMLS ID# 1770783Lubbock
Justin L Fleming, NMLS ID# 2016623Lubbock
Alfred Trey Saldana, NMLS ID# 618313Lubbock
Garrett M Bird, NMLS ID# 2149878Lubbock
Courtney Matthews, NMLS ID# 2397072Lubbock
Adan Burr Vargas, NMLS ID# 2419109Lubbock
Jeremy Mack Bishop, NMLS ID# 472431Midland
Bethany Bill Etheredge, NMLS ID# 981299Midland
Paul Strouhal, NMLS ID# 1803705Midland
Brock Fitch, NMLS ID# 1798259Midland
Kenneth L. Burgess, NMLS ID# 484927Midland
Tiffany K Stacy, NMLS ID# 1099540Midland
Nancy Dove Olguin, NMLS ID# 2239602Midland
Ronnie Smith, NMLS ID# 2397048Midland
Lori Cheney, NMLS ID# 2397041Midland
Kaleb W. Warren, NMLS ID# 2419152 Midland
Ryan Lee Heptner, NMLS ID# 1272615Wichita Falls
Lyndsay Cannedy, NMLS ID# 1272614Wichita Falls
Brent Lambuth Hillery, NMLS ID# 454371Wichita Falls
Toby L McClain NMLS ID# 1913387Wichita Falls
Jordan MacKenzie Morton-Taylor, NMLS ID# 1911956Wichita Falls
Laura Barnett, NMLS ID# 1910752Wichita Falls
Kenzie Leigh Dressler, NMLS ID# 1855598Wichita Falls
Sabrina R. Greene, NMLS ID# 2419162Wichita Falls
Daniel Ray Cremeens, NMLS ID# 454363Burkburnett
Patsy Betts, NMLS ID# 1910732Burkburnett
Tera L Thomason, NMLS ID# 2089772 Burkburnett
Joseph Alan Davidson, NMLS ID# 644393Byers
Shannon Fleming, NMLS ID# 2189851 Byers/Henrietta