Hometown Highlight: United Way

As a nonprofit organization located in nearly 1,800 communities throughout the world, the United Way’s focus has remained the same for more than 125 years: “creating community-based and community-led solutions that strengthen the cornerstones for a good quality of life, education, financial stability and health.”

For 70 of those years, the United Way of Midland has shared a similar focus and has carried out this mission by giving, advocating and volunteering in the Midland community. Working with other local organizations and businesses, United Way of Midland helps provide support for more than 50 different programs and services that target community needs.

Through committees and local partners such as the government, businesses, residents and other service organizations, United Way of Midland collaborates with others to identify and assess the needs of the community specifically in the areas of education, self-sufficiency and health. To provide a solution, the United Way of Midland develops programs and initiatives to help provide for the Midland community, which is made possible through the generosity of donors.

Each year, the United Way of Midland hosts various events to raise money for local organizations in need. By donating to United Way and attending these event, donors are able to help not only one organization but many organizations in order to address numerous needs of the local community.

To learn more about United Way of Midland and the organizations it supports, please visit their website or Facebook page. To contact your local United Way office, click here. You may also contact the United Way of Midland by email or via phone at 432.685.7700.