Hometown Highlight: Murray’s Deli

Murray’s Deli - originally opened in 1984 by Bart and Sharla Hotchkiss - is a deli-staple, serving Midland, Texas, that keeps the locals coming back for more. The Hotchkisses sold the family restaurant who owned it for 20 years and grew the business into what it is now. Recently Murray’s Deli changed hands again when new owners Neil Dufford, Betsy Wells and Scott Dufford purchased it.

“We heard a rumor that Murray’s was closing, and we could not let that happen. I, Neil and Scott have been business partners in the oil industry for years and are always looking for any opportunity that would fit our family,” said Betsy Wells, Owner of Murray’s Deli. “Our love for Midland is also why we wanted to keep the restaurant alive and so we decided to pursue it.”  

With new ownership, the owners want to reassure customers that their menu items will not be changing but they will be adding new menu items that will excite customers.

“We will be adding new menu items that will serve our customers and their desires – we’ve already added a homemade chili recipe and a few more healthy options, such as arugula salad and something we call the ‘Fit Chick’ that have been immediate favorites,” Wells said. “We’ve also added wood-fired brick oven pizza as a weekly special and will now have 13 specialty pizzas with homemade dough and sauces available for customers, including a build your own pizza option.”

Their new pizza menu started as a hobby of theirs that they have perfected throughout the years using the finest and most unique ingredients. Some of their favorite pizzas on the menu include a meat lover’s pizza, pistachio pizza, and their cheeseburger pizza. 

If you’ve never been to Murray’s Deli, some of their best sellers include their burgers. Their jalapeno burger is a local favorite that comes on a unique jalapeno bun and is “not too spicy.” The Reuben is another top menu item along with their curly fries or you can try their “potachos” which are waffle fries with queso, avocados and tomatoes. They also have a variety of healthier options such as the Heavenly Salad or their arugula salad.

With upcoming changes of Murray’s Deli, they plan to keep the same family-friendly atmosphere and continue to do their best to maintain what has already been established at Murray’s.

“We strive to please our customers and be fast while keeping the integrity of our products consistent and delicious. Our people really are the best and we love our customers. We have something for everyone on the menu and we do have curbside pick-up that allows you to stay your car and order online or by phone, it is so easy!” Wells said.

For more information about Murray’s Deli, please visit their website here or visit their Facebook page here