Hometown Highlight: Momentous Institute

Since 1920, the Momentous Institute has made it its mission to transform the lives of children. Owned and operated by the Salesmanship Club of Dallas, the Momentous Institute’s vision is “social emotional health for all children so they can achieve their full potential.”

Through interconnecting mental health and education, they are able to help more than 5,500 children and family members each year. They offer education through the Momentous School as well as therapeutic services to help work with families in need.

Their school program, which accepts students based on income eligibility, offers research-based practices focused on emotional health and academics in smaller classrooms. In addition, all students and families receive home visits where teachers visit the students in their homes to meet the families, which encourages the teachers to make greater connections with the students and the families. The visits also help give insight to the teachers as to the students’ home life and learning styles so that they can better assist the students throughout the school year.

The organization’s belief is that a child’s “social emotional health is a strong predictor of long-term success and strong academics.” By investing in the children through therapeutic services, they are able to help direct the children for success. The Momentous Institute’s therapeutic services assists children ages 0-15 with problems such as depression, anxiety, concerns about bullying, how to handle aggressive behavior and the effects of traumatic experiences. According to the institute’s statistics, 80 percent of the children identified with social, emotional and behavioral challenges improved significantly with therapeutic services.

“The Momentous Institute is truly ‘Changing the Odds’ for children and families in the Dallas Community,” said FirstCapital Bank of Texas SVP and Sr. Relationship Manager Garry Grier, who is also a member of the Salesmanship Club of Dallas. “With their focus and proven success with addressing the social and emotional health of the students that have attended the school, it is a natural desire to take those successes and spread them to other schools in the community. Consequently, Momentous is now partnering with local schools who have adopted this approach of targeting the root cause, which so often is trauma in the lives of our children, enabling them to become excellent students and ultimately strong productive citizens in their communities.”

To learn more about the Momentous Institute, their mission and their services, please visit their website by clicking here. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.