Hometown Highlight: Lubbock Area United Way

History of Lubbock Area United Way

Founded in 1946, the Lubbock Area United Way was originally formed by five community partners to combat root issues and challenges within the South Plains communities. Working together as a community has allowed the Lubbock Area United Way to create lasting positive change within the groups they serve and has established long-term community partnerships.

In collaboration with their 23 community partners, the Lubbock Area United Way has served 115,000 people in their area within the past year and has raised $5.7 million within the last year. Their goal for this year is to raise $5.8 million as the majority of their funding comes from donations.

“We recently celebrated our 75th anniversary of the United Way of Lubbock. Over those 75 years, we’ve raised $193 million and have helped thousands of people over generations of families with the help of our partners and programs. It is mind-blowing how many people we’ve impacted throughout our time,” said Amanda McAfee, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Lubbock Area United Way.

Goals and Programs

The main goals of the Lubbock Area United Way are to support education, safety, and mental health issues within the South Plains communities.

“We support the missions of other agencies and every three years we look at the priorities needed most in our area which could be a variety of issues. Right now, our biggest focuses are early childhood education, sex trafficking and mental health awareness as well as homelessness,” said McAfee.

Some of their program initiatives include their “United We Read” program. The program involves volunteers visiting local schools and reading to students in their classrooms. The classes all read the same book and the children get to take home a copy of the book and a craft. Additionally, a note goes home to parents explaining the importance of reading to their children. United Way’s goal is to ensure that all children are school-ready by kindergarten and grade-level readers by third grade.

The Lubbock Area United Way is always looking for ways to improve their programs and focus on preventative work by bringing awareness to the community about important issues.

How You Can Help

To support the United Way of Lubbock you can volunteer for their “United We Read” program or one of their other campaign initiatives, or volunteer as a community partner. You can also subscribe to their monthly newsletter by visiting their website here or read updates by  visiting their Facebook page here.

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