Hometown Highlight: The Helping Center

Founded in 1987 and located in Marble Falls, Texas, The Helping Center is a food pantry serving people in need in southern Burnet County and strives to serve anyone who is fighting hunger within the community. Their primary mission is that no one will ever starve in Burnet County. The Helping Center is primarily funded by private donors, churches, and community organizations. Currently they serve about 300 families per week.

How can someone get involved or participate without donating?

“We’re always accepting volunteers. All volunteers can inquire through our website, or they can simply walk in, and we can find a place for them to help, said Sam Pearce, Executive Director of The Helping Center of Marble Falls, “We have numerous volunteer opportunities.” 

Is there anything you wish more people knew about your organization or issues you're trying to solve?

“Right now, there is more demand than supply. We strongly believe that the more we give the more we get, and we’ve been practicing that for twelve years and it has worked for us.” 

What are areas of opportunity for your organization?

“Hunger is something that you’re never going to solve. Everyone wakes up hungry every day. It’s a universal feeling and everyone should be able to understand that without food children cannot learn in school or parents cannot feed their kids to go to school and that is a problem. Food is an important necessity that gets overlooked and the solution is food pantries.” 

How has your organization impacted the local community?

“If we can take food out of that equation then I feel we can impact people's lives and their families within our community for the better. We encourage anyone who needs help to come in once a week and we can help save you on the cost of food per month especially when life can take unexpected turns.” 

How can people support the work that you do?

To support The Helping Center, you can volunteer through their website by clicking here or you can donate directly through their website or bring in food donation items. September is Hunger Awareness Month which is a great opportunity to give back to others in need within the local community.

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