Hometown Highlight: Hands to Hands Community Fund

In 2009, the Hands to Hands Community Fund was formed in Wichita Falls by community leaders to help support the programs and services of local nonprofit agencies when several area nonprofits lost funding for key programs. With the help of Hands to Hands, these organizations were able to stay open and continue to help people in the community.

Made up of volunteers, Hands to Hands is committed to helping fulfill the collective missions of their benefitting groups including The Arc, Boy Scouts, Boys & Girls Club, Camp Fire, CASA, The Children’s Home and Teen Shelter, Friendly Door, Straight Street and more. Money donated to the fund is raised through their annual campaign which allows employees from different businesses, schools, hospitals and more to make charitable gifts through payroll deduction. Not only does the annual campaign help raise funds for the organizations, but it also helps increase awareness for community members to learn more about each organization and their programs. Through Hands to Hands, these agencies work together to help one another be successful and now have a combined total of 500 years of service within the Wichita Falls community.

“We are a direct giving organization meaning you may choose where your money goes. You may select one or several organizations to give back to,” said Nancy Brown, Executive Director of Hands to Hands Community Fund. “When this happens, the funding is divided equally among all eight agencies. The majority of people give back to the agencies of their choice and these agencies are directly involved in all aspects of the campaign.”

The success of Hands to Hands revolves around its community members who choose to give back to the program and the success of the agencies that they work with.

“Hands to Hands raises about $600,000 annually during the campaign and these agencies work as a family. They work together to help each other and advise one another – it is truly amazing to watch. Even though they are separate entities, the network that has formed from Hands to Hands is impactful,” said Brown.

To support the Hands to Hands Community Fund, you can contribute through their annual campaign or donate directly to the organization of your choice. Learn more about the Hands to Hands Community Fund by clicking here to visit their website or clicking here to visit their Facebook page.