Hometown Highlight: FC Amarillo Bombers

It started as a summer job, but at the age of 16 years old, Stephanie Tucker started down a path that would lead her to where she is today. Working during the summers for what at the time was known as the Amarillo Dillas baseball team, she found her passion in sports and marketing. Now years later, she is the proud owner of the indoor football team Amarillo Venom and the arena pro soccer league FC Amarillo Bombers.

“I fell in love with sports marketing and didn’t want to leave it,” Tucker said.

FC Amarillo will wrap up its inaugural season Saturday, July 27 during this year’s championship game, but the excitement around the team is just beginning. As the first pro soccer league team in the area, Tucker said her and husband, Toby, recognized several years ago that there was a need and want for something like the FC Amarillo team in the community and knew there was local talent. This year, they were excited to introduce the new team to Amarillo.

“The team provides a different opportunity that was missing before in the Amarillo community,” Tucker said. “It’s [soccer] fast paced and high energy and it’s just fun. Everyone knows someone playing in soccer, whether it’s their kid or someone playing at a higher level.”

One of the strongest aspects of the team Tucker said is its connection to the community. Team members live and invest in the community and represent Amarillo wherever their games may take them. Tucker said the fan support has been “awesome” and they’re proud to provide another community-oriented sports team that offers affordable fun that’s appropriate for the entire family.

In addition to the professional league, FC Amarillo offers a youth league for children in kindergarten through fifth grade. Professional players from the FC Amarillo Bombers team coach the youth league allowing the kids to connect one-on-one with the players to help develop their skills. Each practice session includes 25 – 30 minutes of one-on-one practice and then 30 minutes of playing against another youth team.

Tucker said she believes that the youth league not only helps children develop their athletic and soccer skills, but it helps them grow an interest in the sport and encourages them to be part of a community of people at an early age.

While the FC Amarillo Bombers are nearing the close of their season, Tucker said she looks forward to seeing how the program grows next year and with the playoff and championship games left, there’s still time to experience the newest sports attraction in Amarillo. For information about game schedules and FC Amarillo’s youth league, or if you are interested in becoming a brand partner, visit their website here. You can also follow them on Facebook for all their latest news.