Hometown Highlight: Faith City Mission

It started as a small mission in 1951 to help offer food and a safe place to sleep for the homeless; however, nearly 70 years later, the Faith City Mission organization in Amarillo has expanded its services to provide so much more.

Faith City Mission offers seven separate programs including its Emergency Shelter, Food and Clothing program, which provides daily assistance to Amarillo’s homeless with emergency food, clothing, shelter and showers. Additionally, they serve three hot meals Monday – Saturday.

To help men with special needs reestablish themselves in the community and gain job training, Faith City Mission offers their Missionite Program, a 6-12-month long program that provides necessities such as food, clothing and shelter in exchange for working in the organization’s homeless dorm, laundry and dining rooms. In addition, their Work Program provides the same help to men with already existing full-time jobs, but that do not have a place to live.

For women, they offer an eight-month long program called Rez. The purpose of the Rez Program is for single women to learn life skills, so they can prepare themselves for employment and learn how to take care of a family and live on their own. Many of the women in the Rez Program have children, who are able to join the Children’s Ministry Program where they are given educational tools and can participate in different activities including field trips.

Lastly, Faith City Mission provides Hope Programs for both men and women dealing with drugs and alcohol addiction. They receive support through AA, NA and AI-Anon meetings along with support from a personal sponsor. In addition, educational classes are held for the program participants and they are assisted with shelter, food and clothing and given the opportunity to obtain a driver’s license, social security card and off-site medical and dental needs.

Located at 401 SE 2nd in Amarillo, Faith City Mission welcomes volunteers to help whether it be through serving guests during meal times or helping sort donations. More information can be found on their website or by calling 806.373.6402.