Hometown Highlight: Central Texas Land Titles, Inc.

When buying a home or land, title insurance is crucial to the owner/purchaser for protection. That’s why the Central Texas Land Titles, Inc. is ready to help those in their community when they’re ready to make the move or purchase. Located in Horseshoe Bay and Kingsland, Texas; Central Texas Land Titles, Inc. proudly serves the communities of Horseshoe Bay, Burnet County, Llano County, Marble Falls, Kingsland and additional areas in Central Texas.

For two generations, this local company has been offering customers the assistance they need. As a title insurance company specializing in title insurance, they can help provide closing and settlement services for commercial, ranch and residential transactions as well as offer escrow and funding services, on-site title records through abstracting and notary services.

Why should you consider a title insurance policy? According to their website, a title insurance policy or contract is different in that it protects you against the loss that may arise by reason of a mistake/problem in your ownership or an interest you have in property. Other types of insurance cover you against your losses that may occur in your future; however, title insurance does not protect against a defect that may originate at a later date. In addition, one major benefit is that the title insurance company issuing you the policy will defend you in court if there is a dispute concerning your title. The policy also protects you after you sell the property for the defects occurring prior to your ownership that cause a loss to a purchaser if the title was warranted by you.

Whether you are closing on your property or just starting to look at properties, be sure to consider title insurance to ensure your protection. For more information about title insurance or about Central Texas Land Titles, Inc., please visit their website or contact them by calling 830.598.4898 (Horseshoe Bay) or 325.388.4664 (Kingsland).