Hometown Highlight: Buffalo Bur’s Bike Shop

Buffalo Bur’s Bike Shop, a local boutique full-service bike shop serving the Midland, Odessa and surrounding communities, formed in 2016 with a goal to provide exceptional service and bicycles from premium brands to serve its clients in the West Texas community.

Founder and co-owner of Buffalo Bur’s Bike Shop, Stephanie Ledford, found a passion for cycling after her husband Jeff Ledford and co-owner of the company introduced her to mountain biking, as he has been riding competitively for 15 years and has always serviced his own bicycle.

Being active and passionate about fitness, her passion for cycling grew.

“What started as working on bicycles for friends eventually morphed into something bigger! We always get asked about the meaning behind our name - a ’Buffalo Bur’ is slang for tumbleweed. It’s a little homage to West Texas,” Ledford said.

The company offers premium bicycles from brands such as SCOTT, Pivot, Rocky Mountain, Salsa, Niner, Surly, and Sunday. Their services include custom wheel builds, suspension service and different levels of tune-ups and changing out tubes. Bicycles can range from $400 - $15,000 and are perfect for any outdoor adventure.

“I like to tell clients it’s like choosing a trim and performance level when buying a new car,” Ledford said. “We constantly customize bicycles for clients; the possibilities are endless for those looking to equip their bicycle to fit the needs of their riding style.”

Buffalo Bur’s caters to all clients, regardless of their cycling experience. Cycling is a recreation that most can participate in from ages 2 and up. Ledford said they cater to clients who have different experiences in every cycling discipline such as road, mountain, gravel, BMX, commuters, kids and more. They also specialize in frame-up custom bicycle builds for clients who know exactly what they want and want to customize their bike.

Additionally, first-time cyclists can find information at the store about cycling clubs in the Midland community and the Permian Basin Bicycle Association. The association provides members with information about weekly rides, riding safety and popular cycling destinations.

Buffalo Bur’s actively participates in their community when possible by sponsoring local race series held in the Permian Basin and supports local youth organizations with the goal of getting more children to go outside and be active. They additionally sponsor local non-profits such as the West Texas Trail Alliance, Scenic Mountain Trail System and ViM Racing whose goal is to promote cycling and foster better overall health while giving back to the community.

“We are beyond thankful for the opportunity to serve the West Texas community. We are happy to have the support of our local community and build relationships with local businesses. Our goals are to continue to take care of new and current clients’ cycling needs …,” Ledford said.

Buffalo Bur’s seeks to bring diversity to the cycling market in West Texas; to give clients a choice of a high-quality custom build, name brand bicycles, with a unique shopping experience.

For more information about Buffalo Bur’s please visit their website or visit their Facebook page.