Hometown Highlight: Archway

Founded in 2008 in Midland, Texas Archway Support was opened to help adults, children and families overcome challenges such as relationship issues, depression, anxiety, grief, anger, learning disorders and more. Serving the Permian Basin and surrounding area, Archway counselors are dedicated to creating a safe environment where their clients feel supported and open to discussing their concerns without judgment. Using the highest degree of quality and ethics, these licensed professorial counselors are trained to address their clients’ issues through counseling and specialized counseling services, including Neurotherapy and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy.

Additionally, Archway also operates as a nonprofit organization, through their subsidiary, Archway Outreach that provides funding for expansion of neurotherapy services and provides its clients the opportunity for reduced session fees through established fundraising by The Henry Foundation and several local foundations and individual donations. Clients are encouraged to apply for financial assistance that is available and awarded to those who are in financial need and the program considers many factors to see who qualifies such as family income, family size, and several weekly therapy modalities.

“Like many other counseling centers, Archway Outreach offers a wide range of mental health services, like EMDR, but our specialty is neurotherapy. This is high tech, state-of-the-art set of tools that work on balancing the brain for optimum performance,” said Allison Hartzoge, Owner/Founder of Archway and Executive Director of Archway Outreach. “The science is cutting edge and the technology is ever evolving to allow the quickest, most effective outcomes.”

How do your services produce results?

“We map our client’s brain EEG before and after therapy and this shows the changes in brainwave patterns and behavior. We also survey our nonprofit clients and receive high satisfaction with the therapists’ performance and therapy effectiveness. In addition, our board asks that we measure many aspects of our services, like the number of sessions, the technology used, and financial impacts. In fact, in the past two years, Archway has earned several city ’favorite’ competitions and is proud of this recognition.”

What are your most popular services? What else is important to know about your services?

“Most clients are neurotherapy, but many also seek EMDR and counseling services, like martial and play therapy. We are a very eclectic group of therapists using many different types of therapy tools to meet our clients’ needs and offer the best current therapies. All our therapists hold board certifications in EDMR and neurofeedback.”

What initiatives do you currently have in place that are helping move the organization forward?

“We are a young corporation, working to maintain our viability. We have had great success in these early years and are facing a high demand for services which indicates we will be continuing for years to come. We hope to continue to evaluate our work and effectiveness in the next years which always includes advanced training and the addition of the latest technology.”   

How has your organization impacted the local community?

“We are ’homegrown’ and value our community, as our families live here. We provide high-quality, state-of-the-art therapy for our community that is not covered by insurance. Archway Outreach allows us to bridge the financial gap by offering as much as 70 percent of the session fees and has the privilege to experience a significant change in our clients, their families, and therefore our community. We are here to provide a place to get help even when it seems to be unaffordable.”  

Is there anything you wish more people knew about your organization?

“At Archway Outreach, most of our donations go towards client session fees and therapist certification and training. A minimal amount is spent on grant writing and professional fees. The profit side of the business provides all utilities and equipment and other expenses. There is no overhead. We are dedicated to finding a way to make neurotherapy and counseling available to anyone in need.”

FirstCapital Bank of Texas, Banking Officer, Portfolio Manager, Nick Nguyen serves on the board for Archway and is currently serving as a Treasurer for Archway Outreach.

Nick said, “I believe mental health services is an area in the Permian Basin that needs more recognition, specifically neurotherapy. Archway does an exceptional job in aiding the community in that aspect. The impact of their services has a proven track record of improving the daily lives of countless individuals. Archway approaches each client with a caring and attentive mindset and truly cares about improving whatever mental ailment may be at hand with each individual.”

To support Archway Support and Archway Outreach or learn more about them, please visit their website or Facebook page.

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