Hometown Highlight: Amarillo Medical Center League House

When a family member becomes terminally ill, it can be a difficult process for those involved. Hospital bills can quickly increase and night after night families, not able to afford the cost of a hotel, often sleep-in hospital waiting rooms to be near their loved ones. That is where the Medical Center League House of Amarillo comes in.

Dick Rathgeber was a philanthropist from Austin, Texas who took initiative of the development of 10 hospital houses throughout Texas. Rathgeber’s passion to help others and the need of a hospital house in the community is what started the Medical Center League House. The house was formed in 2010 and serves as a home away from home for patients and their families who are undergoing medical treatment. The house strives to provide safe, comfortable, and affordable lodging in a caring environment.

“Over the past 10 years, the Medical Center League House has served over 150,000 guests from all 50 states, seven countries and from all 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle,” said Amber Glawe, Executive Director of Medical Center League House. “Over the years, we’ve improved our policies and continue to market to doctor’s officers, surgery centers, hospitals and accept donations for our kitchen and laundry room to help guests with what they need while they stay with us.”

The Medical Center League House is located on the Harrington Regional Medical Campus in Amarillo and provides many of the same amenities that a regular hotel offers with additional support from the staff and other guests at a low cost to its visitors. The facility has 31 rooms with queen beds and the premises includes a prayer garden, kitchen, dining room, living room and free laundry room. Additionally, families may stay as many nights as they need; patients going through cancer treatments can stay up to four nights a week, go home on the weekends and come back the following week - some staying six weeks or longer. They also welcome patients and families to stay for doctors’ appointments or medical treatments of any kind or to visit families in the hospitals. Non-medical stays are also accepted for funerals, nursing home visits, memory care or retirement visits.

Glawe said the Medical Center League House hopes to continue to serve their community and inform those of their mission who are not already aware about the work they do within the community.

“Many still don’t know about our hospitality house or services and are paying for high-cost hotels during their medical crisis,” Glawe said. “It does not matter what your financial situation is, if you are away from home with a loved one in the hospital or going through cancer treatments or other medical procedures for an extended period, we can help alleviate at least one stress from your situation in your time of need.”

To support the Medical Center League House, they accept donations or non-perishable food items such as water, microwavable items, and snacks. They also accept paper goods, laundry soap and dryer sheet donations for their families.

For more information about Medical Center League House, please visit their website here or visit their Facebook page here