Hometown Highlight: Alden Short Property Management Inc.

Alden Short, Inc. is a Dallas based property management company founded in 1976 on the belief that affordable housing should be easily accessible.

Currently, the company manages 1,000 houses in the Dallas metropolitan area. They specialize in single-family homes and serve people in the Dallas community by providing affordable housing and properties that are well-managed and maintained. They currently manage properties in Balch Springs, Casa View, Garland, Grand Prairie, Mesquite and the surrounding areas.

“Due to the shortage of housing in the Dallas metropolitan area, we provide housing for working individuals who need housing for a reasonable price,” said Scott Belsley, Owner of Alden Short Property Management, Inc.

The company has 100 employees and is a full-service management company that provides clients and tenants with the utmost attention and care that is quick and convenient. With their management services, they inspect and prepare homes for optimal rent, screen and place tenants, and even collect rent. Additionally, tenant services include marketing and advertising properties and scheduling showings. They also have staff designated to repair and maintain properties when necessary.

In efforts to support their community neighborhoods, Alden Short fixes run-down properties in the community, which increases neighborhood value that results in an improved community and housing for the areas that they serve.

Belsley said plans for growth for the company include expanding properties in other areas and growing over time as the housing market shifts.

“The housing market has increased significantly in the past five years in this area, so it’s important that we are selective in the properties we choose to manage and find existing properties that will help us expand in other areas,” Belsley said.

Currently, they are focusing their services on automation making tasks simpler for homeowners and residents by establishing software systems for online payments, automated applications, online work orders and no contact self-guided tours.

For more information about Alden Short Property Management Inc., please visit their website by clicking here or visit their Facebook page here.