Estate Settlement

Estate Settlement

Take the Pressure Off of Your Heirs

Nothing has a greater impact on someone than the death of someone close to them. That’s why FirstCapital Bank of Texas’ Estate Settlement solution was designed to mitigate the financial impact on heirs. While you may already have a will in place, many people fail to designate a knowledgeable executor of their estate and instead choose an inexperienced friend or family member.

Estate settlement involves a demanding, complex set of tasks that may prove costly if mishandled. So, it’s crucial to name an executor or personal representative like FCB who is:

  • Financially responsible
  • Capable of unquestioned integrity and freedom from personal bias
  • Patient and sympathetic
  • Experienced in caring for all types of assets and holdings
  • Able to make informed investment judgment
  • Familiar with special tax questions that arise when an estate is settled
  •  Perpetual management of your estate affairs

Once designated, FCB provides specialized skills in all phases of estate administration and is available when needed with in-depth experience and sound guidance.