Business Mobile App: Have you switched the way you do banking?

Have you ever thought about how often you actually visit a bank these days? I tell my husband all the time that I always forget or don’t have time to do my banking business. He quickly responds, “How is that possible, when you work at the bank?” Don’t we all get in such a routine or fill our schedules to the max that making one more stop... even if it is just downstairs… becomes an unobtainable task.  I am so thankful that with how fast our world is changing, they have made banking easier and a less daunting task.  Being able to do most of your banking from your smart phone any time of the day is not only easier for the everyday consumer, but even for business owners.

Mobile banking apps for the consumer have been around for quite some time, but sophisticated business mobile apps have started making their appearance within the last several years. So what is different about the business app that would cause a business owner to be interested in utilizing it? Are you that small business owner that is in the process of building your business and has very few employees or maybe none at all? Does the thought of sitting at a computer or going into the bank keep you from building your business and making money? Or, are you the CEO or President of a larger company that has to travel often, however, you still find it important to be a part of the security of the business transactions and the movement of money?

So, what are the benefits of a business utilizing a business mobile app? The features of a business app make it possible for you to handle most of your business on-the-go.  Those features include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Small Business Bill Pay – Pay a vendor/bill right from your phone.
  • Check Deposits – Not close to a bank to make a deposit? Take a picture of the checks you want to deposit and it is sent straight to the bank.
  • Account Alerts – Need to know when your balance falls below a certain amount? Set up account alerts to be notified on your phone.
  • Real-time balance inquiry – Check the balances on all of your business accounts 24/7.
  • Positive Pay Alerts – Protect your business against check fraud. Approve or deny Positive Pay exceptions from your phone.
  • Transaction history – Need to see if a check has cleared or a deposit has been made? Log in to your business mobile app anytime or any place.
  • View Check Images – Look at your check images with the click of a button.
  • Immediate transfers between accounts – Transfer from one account to the other seamlessly.
  • ACH Approvals – Review and approve ACH originations before they are sent.
  • Internal Transfer Approvals – Approve the transfers that entitled employees are requesting.
  • Online Wire Approvals – Review and approve wire transfers before they leave your account.
  • Multifactor authentication and secure login – Continue to benefit from the additional security layer when you are on your mobile device with a security token.

Are you utilizing your bank’s mobile solutions? Ask yourself how you can make the best use of your time in handling your business banking.  Don’t be afraid of something new when it could take you and your business to a whole new level and add more time to your day!