Business CDs

Watch your business’ savings grow.

If you’re looking for a safe place to park your business’ excess cash flow—or are saving for a specific long-term goal—a FirstCapital Bank of Texas Certificate of Deposit (CD) could be a powerful addition to your savings portfolio.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
Whether your savings goal is years away or fast approaching, our choice of CD’s ensures you’ll find the term that fits your business’ needs.

tiny fcbt logo Fixed-Term CDs:

Ideal for long-term financial goals, these CDs offer terms of from 30 days to five years, enabling your business to maximize its interest return needs.*

tiny fcbt logo Two-Year Bump CD:

A versatile and secure option, a Bump CD enables your business to benefit from interest rate increases—and bump up your rate twice after your account is open for six months. This option will protect your business’ funds in the event of a negative rate fluctuation, securing your rates for your entire CD term. Your business also has the opportunity to add up to $250,000 to the original deposit any time during the CD’s term.

Strengthen your business’ financial future today. For our current CD rates, or to open an account, contact us, call your FirstCapital banker at 844.322.8392 or visit your local branch.

*Penalty for early withdrawal may apply.

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