Business Savings & CDs

Save for Your Business’ Future

Whatever your business’ goals, FirstCapital Bank of Texas has the savings vehicle to help get you there. From standard savings and high-rate money market accounts to flexible certificates of deposits (CDs) for greater returns, our range of business savings helps you invest in your business’ future.

First Business Savings

Start saving for tomorrow, today, with just a $100 deposit. You’ll enjoy competitive interest rates, up to three free monthly withdrawals, and no monthly service charge on balances of $300 or more.1

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First Business Money Market

Looking to earn more and avoid a monthly service fee? Open this account with $2,500 and enjoy six free monthly withdrawals.2

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Fixed-Term CDs

Lock in a great rate for a specific period of time—from 30 days to five years. With one of our CDs, your business can maximize your returns.

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Two-Year Bump CD

Get security and flexibility with the CD, which enables your business to “bump up” to a higher interest rate twice throughout the CD’s term. This CD also offers the option to add up to $250,000 to the original deposit at any time.4

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More Ways to Help Your Business Manage Your Money

Online and Mobile Banking

No matter which business savings or CD you choose, you’ll enjoy the same anytime, anywhere, convenient access to your accounts with our online and mobile banking.


Protect your business’ large deposits with The Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service® (CDARS), which puts excess deposits above FDIC limits into CDs at other financial institutions.

1$3 fee once limit has been reached; $5 monthly fee for balances under $300.

2$15 fee once limit has been reached; $12 monthly fee for balances under $2,500.

3Penalty for early withdrawal may apply.

4CDs must be open for at least six months before they’re eligible for a rate bump.

Contact us for a list of current interest rates.