Business CDARS

Maximize Your FDIC Protection

As your trusted financial partner, FirstCapital Bank of Texas is committed to keeping your business’ hard-earned money safe and sound. That’s why we recommend using Business CDARS® (The Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service®) to apply full FDIC insurance to your large deposits.

This simple and convenient option enables us to divide your large deposit into smaller ones that are distributed to other CDARS network banks, who in turn issue CDs that are within the standard insurance maximum set forth by the FDIC, ensuring your business’ entire deposit is protected.

Best of all, this process is done completely behind the scenes and doesn’t require any extra effort on your part. You can still view your CD information in one convenient account statement, eliminating the need for statement consolidation, collateral value tracking, private surety bonds.

Simply put, Business CDARS is the most secure way to protect your business’ funds and just another way we put your business above all.

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