Business CDARs

Insure all Your Business Savings.

For a simple and convenient way to take advantage of full FDIC insurance on your business’ substantial deposits, consider CDARS®, the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service®.

Why CDARs?

  • FirstCapital Bank of Texas will take care of (your) business. First, your business’ large deposit will be divided into smaller amounts and shared with other banks that operate within the CDARS network. Next, those banks will issue CDs (Certificate of Deposits) in amounts that are within the standard insurance maximum set forth by the FDIC. This procedure ensures FDIC protection for your business’ entire deposit. Simply: By banking with FirstCapital, your business is eligible to receive insurance through a multitude of other banks.
  • Your business’ entire balance will earn the same rate. There will never be a need to negotiate your rate or consolidate multiple disbursement checks.
  • All of your business’ CD information will be accessible on one convenient account statement including their issuing banks, interest earned, maturity dates and other account details. CDARS eliminate the timely burden of individually consolidating your business’ statements, track changing collateral values or utilizing private surety bonds.

It’s business savings (and security) made simple.

Discover how CDARS can benefit your business.

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Click here to review the FAQ’s about the Beneficial Ownership requirements that apply to business accounts.