Cash & Treasury Management

Control your cash flow to strengthen your bottom line.

Keep your business cash flow moving in the right direction with Cash and Treasury Management Services from FirstCapital Bank of Texas.

Start by enrolling in our First Commercial Checking account in our free business Online Banking and optional Mobile Banking. Our cash management and treasury professionals will work with you to take it from there. We’ll sit down with you, in your office, to understand your cash flow challenges, then create and implement a cash management and treasury strategy featuring the right liquidity, payable and receivable solutions for your business.

Liquidity Solutions
Manage your daily cash flow—and maximize the earnings potential of your idle funds—with your choice of liquidity solutions.

  • Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA): By automatically transferring funds from a master account in an amount only large enough to cover checks presented, a ZBA checking account improves your ability to control your disbursements, collections and cash flow.
  • Commercial Loan Sweep: Idle Business Checking funds automatically pay down your line of credit—reducing your interest expense—while automatic sweeps from your commercial Line of Credit into your Business Checking account help avoid overdrafts and other fees.
  • Multibank Reporting: Know exactly where your business finances stand—even if they’re held in different institutions—through Business Online. View transactions and create graphs, charts and spreadsheets—even a consolidated spreadsheet that includes all your accounts.

Payable Solutions
Help increase productivity and profitability while controlling administrative costs with these payable solutions from FCB Cash Management & Treasury Services.

  • Small Business Bill Pay: A convenient and secure way for small businesses to pay virtually all bills and invoices. View payment history and schedule one-time or recurring payments.
  • ACH Origination: Time your electronic payments for better control of company cash flow. It’s ideal for payroll Direct Deposit, preauthorized credits, vendor payments, federal and state tax payments and cash concentration transfers between accounts.
  • Wire Transfers: Transfer funds from your FCB Texas account quickly and securely for same-day deposit into a recipient’s account at another financial institution.
  • Positive Pay: This fraud prevention tool verifies the checks presented for payment. It flags suspicious checks and alerts you to make your pay or no-pay decision with the click of a button.

Receivables Management
Get your receivables into your accounts—without extra effort on your part—and boost your access to working capital.

  • Remote Deposit Capture (RDC): Securely and conveniently scan and deposit your checks into one or multiple accounts without leaving your office. RDC increases efficiency, productivity and security and helps mitigate check fraud.
  • ACH Origination: Time your electronic funds transfers to improve receivable collection and optimize cash flow. It’s ideal for automatic drafts from your customers’ accounts, preauthorized debits and cash concentration transfers between accounts.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): Translate supplemental data on your ACH items into a useful format with our EDI service. It provides timely, accurate and efficient reports so you can post payments to your receivables.


Keep your cash flowing. To find out more about our Cash Management and Treasury Services, contact us. Ready to get started? Call the Cash Management and Treasury team today or visit your local branch. For Cash Management and Treasury support, call 844.322.8393 or to fill out a Business Online Banking Maintenance Form, click here.

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