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Ken Burgess

Welcome to the New FirstCapital Bank Blog!

When most people think of a bank, they think of the business that provides checking accounts, debit cards, car loans, business loans and many other financial products. We do all of that and more.

Too many times, though, people may feel that their bank is always trying to sell them something. That is also true way too much of the time.

Our goal is to provide value to our customers, not sell them financial products. We have various products that meet people’s needs in the right circumstances, but our focus is on listening to our customers’ needs and working as hard as we can to help meet those needs. Sometimes this may involve providing one of our products, but many times, it just means providing a word of advice and helping you figure out a strategy for your business or your personal financial needs.

The Goal

With this goal in mind, we are creating this new blog. We intend to provide advice and information about everyday problems that you may deal with in your business or in your personal financial matters. We will not be trying to sell you products through this blog.

We will create some of the content for the blog based on our knowledge of issues that many of our customers face every day. We will also ask you to guide us by responding to our blogs and letting us know what you are interested in and what you would like to know more about. We will also provide you with information that can help you manage some of the risks that you may be subject to in this world of emerging technology.

Where Can You Find the Blog?

The blog will be located here. We will also share each blog post on our Facebook page. I would encourage you to “Like” our page. This way you will be notified when each new blog entry is posted. If you find value in the blog, you can then share it with your friends.

How Often Will the Blog be Updated?

We intend to provide weekly updates to our blog site. We don’t want to inundate you with information and we want to make sure we are consistent in providing you valuable content.

Your opinions and your questions are very important to us, so we encourage you to leave your comments on the site. Others will be able to see your comments and opinions and can benefit from your thoughts as well.

As the title of this post states, this is our first post and we hope you will find value and interest in the content we provide.

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