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Ken Burgess

FirstCapital Culture, Part 2: We are Family

In my last blog post, I discussed the importance of culture in our organization. I talked about the ultimate goal of our culture which is to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Our team members have been able to accomplish that goal many times and they know the sense of fulfillment that comes when someone they have helped acknowledges the impact they have made on their life.

Image of business team with hands inThe starting point for that realization is the building of a culture in which “We” as a team intend to treat each other like a family member. We intend to treat our customers and shareholders as family members and just as importantly, we intend to treat our communities as a family member. Treating someone like a family member means you listen to their needs and you do whatever you can to help. It means you truly care about their needs. We know that if we treat each other with care, that our team will be equipped to go help others. The longer we have practiced this intent, the more it has taken hold.

I feel that too many organizations are focused on sales and business metrics at the expense of the people who work for those organizations and the customers of those organizations. We feel that by taking care of our team members, our customers, our shareholders and our communities, that the business metrics will take care of themselves. That is not to say that we ignore the business metrics, but we understand that our main reason for being is to help meet the needs of people.

Our team takes the “We Are Family” part of our culture statement very seriously. They take pride in being part of a team that is always looking for ways to help each other.

“We are family, We serve people and We change lives”