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Investing in the future is easy as PIE!

I’m a banker.  Everyday we bankers are faced with making investment decisions.  Whether it is investing your savings into a CD or investing in a new product or service to better serve you, we always want to make the best decision so we get the highest return.  What if I told you I knew of a way to contribute to two of most important investments; and if we all work together, the ROI will be off the charts?  Keep reading…

Children and education.

First, children. If you read my March of Dimes blog, you might get the idea that I think kids are kind of a big deal.  Children are our future leaders, whatever country or world we’re building today, we’re leaving with them tomorrow, so we better invest in them now.

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Next, education. Education is the foundation of everything.  In a world that is constantly changing, we are constantly learning and growing.  I’ve told my employees “if you’re not growing, you’re dying…so keep learning and growing”.

So what is this great investment opportunity promising off-the-chart returns?  Three words: Partners in Education (PIE).  School districts partner with local businesses and community organizations to provide schools with resources and support so every child has access to a quality education.  How can you help?  Help can be given in a variety of ways.  From reading with a child, mentoring them in math, or even providing a monetary donation for a specific school need, our students, teachers and administrators need our help in educating our future leaders.  Consider your talents and your resources, then contact a local campus’ principal or counselor or contact your local Partners in Education office to find out a schools specific need.  You will be pleasantly surprised and humbly gratified at the difference you can make in the life of a child.

Final thought…below was my fortune 2 nights ago and I’m going to consider it a sign for all of us.  Now go make the difference in the life of a child…it’s a piece of cake, I mean “PIE”!

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