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Ken Burgess

People Make Your Brand

Our bank recently changed our tagline to better define our intended brand. We have been working for years to build a brand both internally and externally but we never developed a tagline to identify what our brand was. After many discussions within our staff, we decided upon “You Above All”. Everyone felt this tagline defined who we try to be and who we feel we are.

Many companies develop taglines. Whether they have meaning is dependent upon if the people who make up that organization actually live out their company’s brand promise each and every day. The brand tagline means nothing if the people behind the brand take no action or take action that is inconsistent with the brand.

We have many stories we can point to over the years to illustrate our brand promise. One of the best is about a lady who has served our company in many key roles over the last 15 years. She has helped us open new branches and helped us roll out many new products. Her work quality and her attitude are outstanding and her care for others is amazing.

For the last seven years, she has served as an administrator in our trust department. She has the opportunity to work with people in all stages of their lives. About five years ago, she began working with an elderly lady who did not have family close by to help her. She related to Robin one day her biggest fear, that she would one day pass away and no one would find her. Robin decided she would begin calling her every morning to check on her and to let her know that someone cared. Anyone who knows Robin knows, if she promises you something, she will not let you down. Robin called this lady every morning for over five years until she passed away about six months ago. She called her every day, not just week days. She called her on weekends and holidays. It didn’t make any difference whether she was on vacation or sick. Robin became the most important person in this woman’s life.

Robin exemplifies our tagline of “You Above All”. It’s not a fancy marketing campaign, but her caring heart and willingness to serve others that builds our brand.