How the Right Cash & Treasury Management Service Can Increase Business Productivity and Efficiency

Are you looking to maximize your business cash flow and minimize time-consuming administrative tasks? An effective cash and treasury management solution may be what your business needs. Learn more and see how a tailored program can help you make the most of your money—and time.

When it comes to business, time is money. Is your time being allocated properly? If you’re not taking advantage of the right cash and treasury management services, the answer may be no. An effective cash and treasury management solution helps you streamline your business’ finances by optimizing liquidity—while mitigating risk—integrating efficient payable solutions, and simplifying receivables management, while also increasing access to working capital.

But with so many cash and treasury management services to choose from, how do you know which ones your business needs? That’s where having a financial partner like FirstCapital Bank of Texas comes in. Our cash and treasury management professionals will work with you personally to create a custom solution that will keep your business’ cash moving. Let’s take a closer look at what this will enable you to do.

Start with easier management of the day to day

First, begin by covering your banking basics with free Online Banking from FirstCapital Bank of Texas. Available with optional Mobile Banking, you’ll benefit from secure, simple access to your banking accounts—anytime from anywhere. Easily view checking and savings account balances, transfer funds, view cleared checks, pay bills—and more.

Automatically manage your cash flow and keep funds moving

Zero Balance accounts give you more precise control with automated fund transfers that cover checks presented—no more, no less—while Commercial Loan Sweep enables you to use your idle business checking funds to automatically pay down your line—reducing your interest expense—or protect you from accidental overdrafts.

Keep productivity and profitability high—and administrative costs low

In today’s fraud-laden world, Positive Payquickly verifies checks and flags potential fraud—saving you time and money. Save even more time when you streamline your bills and invoices with Small Business Bill Pay, use ACH to pay employees and vendors, and make quick and secure same-day wire transfers from your FCB Texas account to another financial institution.

Easily migrate receivables and get greater access to working capital

Put your time to better use: Quickly and securely deposit checks into your account with Remote Deposit Capture—without ever leaving your office—and utilize ACH Origination to time electronic fund transfers, speed customer check drafting and rent payments, and improve your cash flow. Streamline your supplemental ACH item data into a more user-friendly and efficient format with Electronic Data Interchange so you can easily post payments to your receivables.

Are you ready for greater control, easier access to working capital, and more time to concentrate on what really matters? Learn more about FCB Texas’ Cash Management and Treasury Services by contacting our team or visiting your local branch.