5 Ways to Make Your Checking Work for You

From daily spending convenience to a place to directly deposit your paycheck, a checking account is a basic necessity for most people. But are you really making the most of its untapped benefits? Make sure you’re not missing out on a world of great conveniences, like:

1. Mobile and Online Banking

There’s nothing more convenient than the freedom to bank from home or on the go. Want to check a transaction from eight months ago? Access your digital statement. Not sure how much money is in your account or if a deposit posted? Do a quick balance check. Need to pay a bill quickly? Use bill pay. Have a question? Send a secure message. The possibilities—and convenience—are limitless.

2. Automatic Payments

Whether you have trouble remembering your bill due dates or simply want one less thing to worry about, automatic payments are a great way to make sure your bills are always paid on time without taking up any more of your time.

3. Account Alerts

Depending on how often you make purchases or deposits, it can be tough to keep track of it all. Account alerts give you peace of mind and greater control of your finances. You can set them to alert you when a purchase or deposit is made, if your balance reaches a specific minimum, and much more.

4. Advanced Protection

In today’s technologically advanced, cash-free world, making sure your money is protected is more important than ever. Most financial institutions now offer debit cards with advanced

EMV chip technology. The most secure purchase experience possible, the chip uses dynamic data that’s difficult to replicate or counterfeit for enhanced fraud monitoring.

5. Earning Interest

Many people assume the only way to earn interest is through a savings product, but some financial institutions, like FCB Texas, offer interest-bearing checking accounts. The higher your account balance, the more interest you earn!

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