TellerConnect Live Video Banking

Bank with a Live Teller from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

At FirstCapital Bank of Texas, we understand that your banking needs don’t start and stop with our business hours. That’s why we created TellerConnect, a secure video banking service that:

  • Lets you speak with a teller via video screen every day from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. (except major holidays)
  • Gives you 24/7 ATM access to make deposits, withdrawals, account inquiries, and more

TellerConnect is powered by our interactive teller machines (ITMs)—they’re like ATMs, but better! This innovative technology lets you choose what you want to do: speak with a teller for transactions and inquiries or use it as an ATM 24/7 to make deposits, withdrawals and more. It’s just one more way we put your convenience above all.

TellerConnect is available at many FirstCapital Bank branches and stand-alone kiosks: Find a location near you.

What is TellerConnect live video banking?

TellerConnect live video banking allows you to connect via video chat with a FirstCapital Bank of Texas teller to complete transactions like withdrawals, deposits, account inquiries, loan payments and more. Using our state-of-the-art ITMs, our TellerConnect kiosks let you tap to meet virtually with a teller during business hours, or you can use it as an ATM 24/7.

What’s the difference between TellerConnect’s ITM and a traditional ATM?

We all know an ATM is an automated teller machine—they’re great to get cash, but sometimes you need more help than an ATM can offer. That’s why we created TellerConnect.

TellerConnect’s ITM is an interactive teller machine—so you can choose how you want to interact with it. You can speak to a FirstCapital teller from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., or you can use it as an ATM 24/7—tap the button on the screen to get started.

The key difference between ITMs and ATMs is the option for personal service with TellerConnect. Want your cash back in a specific denominations? Request it with a teller. Have a question about your accounts? Ask a teller. We’re here for you with extended hours, seven days a week: Find a live video teller near you.

How does TellerConnect work?

TellerConnect uses leading technology to connect customers with tellers virtually. You simply drive or walk up to the kiosk, touch the screen, and tap to connect. The ITM does the rest—connecting you with the next available interactive teller in our FirstCapital Bank of Texas offices.

Like other videoconferencing platforms, TellerConnect uses a camera and microphone to connect you and our tellers. This smart technology allows us to scan your driver’s license to validate your identity and accept cash and checks for deposits.

What types of transactions can I do?

Use TellerConnect to complete any of the transactions you’d handle in-person with a teller, including:

  • Withdrawals
  • Transfers
  • Account inquiries
  • Deposits (cash and checks)
  • Loan payments

Stop by a TellerConnect location to learn more. Don’t be shy—our tellers will be on-screen to walk you through the process!

Which FCB branch locations have TellerConnect?

When is TellerConnect available to use?

TellerConnect’s personal tellers are available every day from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. (excluding federal holidays, including New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day). For your convenience, our TellerConnect interactive teller machines can be used for ATM transactions 24/7.

Don’t forget that many of the transactions you complete with our tellers can also be completed in online and mobile banking—it’s free to get started.

What are the benefits of using TellerConnect?

TellerConnect is all about offering you more ways to bank with us—it’s another way we’re putting you above all. Using TellerConnect allows us to offer extended hours during the week and on the weekend—even on Sunday—giving you the option for personal assistance from a teller every day from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. (except major holidays).

Can TellerConnect machines handle coins?

TellerConnect machines cannot currently accept coin deposits, but virtual tellers can dispense coins with your withdrawals. View our locations to find a branch to make coin deposits.

Do I need my debit card or PIN?

When using TellerConnect’s ITM to speak with a teller, no debit card or PIN is needed. For your security, you may be asked for your account number, the last four digits of your social security number, your driver’s license or another form of identification.

If using a TellerConnect ITM as an ATM, you will need your debit card and PIN to complete your transaction.

Do I have to use the video banking function?

When using TellerConnect as an ATM, you do not need to use video banking functions. If you’d like to connect with and speak to a teller, you need to use the video services. The video banking technology allows you and your teller to interact, just like you would if you were interacting inside a branch. So, go ahead: ask a question, tell a joke, or just deposit a check. Our tellers are here for you.